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Acetylcholine injection  (assessment of endothelial function in coronry angiography - off-label) - Formulary Other cardiology treatments 02.14
Acetylcholine intra-ocular irrigation 1%  - Formulary Ocular peri-operative drugs 11.08.02
Acetylcysteine dispersible tabs  (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis - off-label) - Formulary Antifibrotics  03.11
Acetylcysteine dispersible tabs  (reduction of sputum viscosity) - Formulary Mucolytics 03.07
Acetylcysteine dispersible tabs  (prevention of contrast-induced renal failure - off-label) - Formulary Mucolytics 03.07
Acetylcysteine eye drops 10%  - Formulary Miscellaneous
Acetylcysteine injection  (poisoning) - Formulary Miscellaneous preparations 20
Acetylcysteine injection  (For use in paracetamol overdose) - Formulary Mucolytics 03.07
Acetylcysteine injection  (reduction of sputum viscosity - nebulised - off-label) - Formulary Mucolytics 03.07
Acetylcysteine injection  (HALO radio frequency ablation (RFA) in Barrett’s Oesophagus - off-label) - Formulary Mucolytics 03.07