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Looking for Amitriptyline tab found 6 matches

Formulary BNF Category
  Amitriptyline tabs  (migraine prophylaxis - off-label) Prophylaxis of migraine -
  Amitriptyline tabs  (urology indications) Nocturnal enuresis - 07.04.02
  Amitriptyline tabs  (IBS - off-label) Irritable bowel syndrome - 01.05
  Amitriptyline tabs  (urticaria) Management of urticaria - 03.04.04
  Amitriptyline tabs, oral solution  (neuropathic pain) Neuropathic pain - 04.07.03
  Amitriptyline tabs, oral soution Tricyclic antidepressants - 04.03.01