Report : Traffic light status report 18/03/2018 03:43:42
Section Name Number of items
Red Red  705
Amber 1 Amber 1  37
Amber 2 Amber 2  148
Amber 3 Amber 3  53
Green Green  32
Grey Grey  6
Unknown Unknown  1801
South East London Joint Medicines Formulary

 Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description
 Red Specialist Prescribing only. The responsibility for prescribing, monitoring, dose adjustment and review should remain with the specialist. In very exceptional circumstances a specialist may discuss individual patient need for a RED drug to be prescribed by a GP and the GP should consider informing the Medicines Management team before a decision is made to prescribe for individual patients.   
 Amber 1 Treatment can be initiated in primary care after a recommendation from an appropriate specialist  
 Amber 2 Specialist initiation followed by maintenance prescribing in primary care  
 Amber 3 Specialist initiation with ongoing monitoring required. After dose stabilisation GPs can be requested to take over prescribing responsibilities using the approved APC shared care documentation  
 Green Specialist and non-specialist initiation  
 Grey Not recommended for prescribing