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Chapter 6 : Endocrine system
Section Name Acarbose tabs 
06.01.06 Advantage II 
06.01.06 Albustix 
06.06.02 Alendronic acid tabs  First Choice
06.02.02 Aqueous Iodine oral solution Lugol's
06.05.01 Arginine injection 
06.03.02 Betamethasone soluble tabs, injection 
06.03.02 Betamethasone tabs Biphasic Insulin Aspart NovoMix 30 Biphasic Insulin Lispro Humalog Mix Biphasic Isophane Insulin Humulin M3
06.01.06 BM-Accutest 
06.07.01 Bromocriptine tabs 
06.07.02 Buserelin injection, nasal spray Suprecur - gynaecology
06.07.01 Cabergoline tabs licensed use, and use in breast pain
06.06.01 Calcitonin (salmon) / Salcatonin nasal spray, injection Canagliflozin tabs 
06.02.02 Carbimazole tabs 
06.07.02 restricted  Cetrorelix injection prevention of ovarian failure from cyclophosphamide in
06.05.01 Clomifene tabs licensed use
06.05.01 Clomifene tabs fertility treatment in Klinefelter syndrome - off-label
06.01.06 Combur Test 7 
06.05.01 Corticotropin (corticotrophin) releasing hormone injection 
06.03.02 Cortisone tabs Cyclo-Progynova tabs estradiol valerate and norgestrel
06.04.02 Cyproterone acetate tabs 
06.07.02 Danazol caps anaemia in myelofibrosis off-label indication Dapagliflozin tabs type 1 diabetes Dapagliflozin tabs type 2 diabetes
06.05.02 Demeclocycline caps 
06.06.02 Denosumab XGEVA
06.06.02 Denosumab Prolia
06.06.02 Denosumab Prolia
06.05.02 Desmopressin injection kidney biopsy -off-label
06.05.02 Desmopressin nasal spray licensed use
06.03.02 Dexamethasone injection palliative care
06.03.02 Dexamethasone tabs, soluble tabs, oral solution, injection COVID-19
06.03.02 Dexamethasone tabs, soluble tabs, oral solution, injection 
06.01.06 Diastix 
06.01.04 Diazoxide tabs 
06.06.02 Disodium etidronate tabs 
06.06.02 Disodium pamidronate injection restricted  Duavive MR tabs Conjugated oestrogens and bazedoxifene Dulaglutide injection Empagliflozin tabs Ertugliflozin tabs Estraderm patches estradiol Estradiol 0.06% gel Oestrogel Estradiol 0.5mg gel Sandrena Estradiol implants 25mg and 50mg Estradiol tabs Estradot patches patches estradiol Ethinylestradiol tabs Evorel Conti patches estradiol and norethisterone Evorel patches estradiol Evorel Sequi patches Femoston Conti tabs estradiol with dydrogesterone Femoston tabs estradiol with dydrogesterone FemSeven patches estradiol
06.04.02 Finasteride tabs 
06.01.06 Flash glucose monitoring Freestyle libre and Freestyle libre 2
06.03.01 Fludrocortisone tabs diagnostic test for incomplete distal renal tubular acidosis
06.03.01 Fludrocortisone tabs 
06.05.01 Follitropin alfa injection 
06.05.01 Follitropin beta injection Glibenclamide tabs Gliclazide tabs Glipizide tabs 
06.01.04 Glucagon injection GlucaGen HypoKit
06.01.04 Glucose oral gel 40% 
06.01.06 Glucostix 
06.05.01 Gonadorelin injection 
06.07.02 Goserelin implant gynaecology indications Hormonin tabs estradiol
06.05.01 Human chorionic gonadotrophin injection licensed use
06.05.01 Human chorionic gonadotrophin injection fertility treatment in Klinefelter syndrome - off-label
06.05.01 Human menopausal gonadotrophins menotrophin - licensed use
06.05.01 Human menopausal gonadotrophins menotrophin - fertility treatment in Klinefelter syndrome - off-label
06.03.02 Hydrocortisone MR tabs Plenadren
06.03.02 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate injection COVID-19
06.03.02 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate injection Solu-Cortef
06.03.02 Hydrocortisone sodium succinate injection Solu-Cortef or PanPharma brand - off-label intrathecal use in haemato-oncology
06.03.02 Hydrocortisone tabs 
06.06.02 restricted  Ibandronic acid injection Insulin 500 units in 1mL Humulin R U-500 Insulin Aspart  NovoRapid Insulin Aspart (rapid acting) Fiasp restricted  Insulin Degludec Tresiba Insulin Detemir Levemir Insulin Glargine 100 units/ml Lantus Insulin Glargine 100 units/ml Abasaglar restricted  Insulin Glargine 300 units/ml Toujeo SoloStar and DoubleStar Insulin Lispro 100 units/ml Humalog Isophane Insulin - highly purified animal Hypurin Bovine Isophane Isophane Insulin - human sequence Humulin I, Insulatard
06.01.06 Ketostix Kliofem tabs estradiol and norethisterone Kliovance tabs estradiol and norethisterone
06.07.02 Leuprorelin acetate pro-longed release injection gynaecology indications
06.02.01 Levothyroxine tabs, oral solution restricted  Linagliptin tabs 
06.02.01 Liothyronine injection 
06.02.01 Liothyronine tabs thyroid replacement prior to radioiodine
06.02.01 Liothyronine tabs resistant depression - off-label Liraglutide injection diabetes Liraglutide injection obesity
06.01.06 MediSense Optium H Medroxyprogesterone acetate tabs Metformin tabs Metformin tabs, m/r tabs, oral solution 
06.03.02 Methylprednisolone acetate depot injection Depo-Medrone
06.03.02 Methylprednisolone sodium succinate injection Solu-Medrone - intratympanic use [off-label]
06.03.02 Methylprednisolone sodium succinate injection Solu-Medrone - licensed use
06.03.02 Methylprednisolone sodium succinate injection Solu-Medrone - intersitial lung disease - off-label
06.03.02 Methylprednisolone tabs 
06.02.02 Methylthioninium chloride injection 0.5%, 1%, 2% methylene blue
06.02.02 Methylthioninium chloride injection 2% methylene blue
06.07.03 Metyrapone caps 
06.01.06 Multistix 8 SG 
06.07.02 Nafarelin nasal spray 
06.04.03 Nandrolone injection Norethisterone tabs 
06.05.01 Pegvisomant injection Pioglitazone tabs 
06.02.02 Potassium Iodate tabs 
06.03.02 Prasterone caps DHEA
06.03.02 Prednisolone tabs, soluble tabs 
06.03.02 Prednisolone tabs, soluble tabs COVID-19 Premarin tabs conjugated oestrogens Progesterone (micronised) oral caps Utrogestan Progesterone pessaries Cyclogest Progesterone pessaries Cyclogest Progesterone solution for injection  Lubion
06.02.02 Propylthiouracil tabs 
06.05.01 Protirelin injection Raloxifene tabs Repaglinide tabs 
06.06.02 Risedronate tabs 
06.06.02 Risedronate, calcium carbonate and colecalciferol tabs Semaglutide injection Semaglutide tablets 
06.05.01 Sermorelin injection Sitagliptin tabs 
06.06.02 Sodium clodronate caps, tabs Soluble insulin - human Actrapid, Humulin S
06.05.01 Somatropin injection Sotagliflozin tabs type 1 diabetes
06.01.06 StatStrip 
06.06.01 Teriparatide injection use in women
06.06.01 Teriparatide injection use in men
06.05.02 Terlipressin injection 
06.05.02 Terlipressin injection 
06.04.02 Testosterone gel  Tostran, Testogel - off-label menopausal women
06.04.02 Testosterone gel  Tostran, Testogel
06.04.02 Testosterone implant 
06.04.02 Testosterone salts injection Sustanon 250
06.04.02 Testosterone undecanoate caps Restandol Testocaps
06.04.02 Testosterone undecanoate injection Nebido
06.05.01 Tetracosactide injection infusion for adrenal venous sampling - off-label
06.05.01 Tetracosactide injection, depot injection licensed use
06.05.01 Thyrotropin alfa injection Tibolone tabs Tolbutamide tabs 
06.05.02 restricted  Tolvaptan tabs Samsca - SIADH in non-cancer patients
06.05.02 restricted  Tolvaptan tabs Samsca - SIADH in cancer chemotherapy patients
06.05.02 restricted  Tolvaptan tabs Jinarc - polycystic kidney disease
06.03.02 restricted  Triamcinolone acetonide injection Kenalog - asthma
06.07.02 Triptorelin SR injection gynaecology indications Trisequens tabs estradiol and norethisterone Ulipristal 5mg tabs Esmya - currently unavailable
06.01.06 Uristix 
06.05.02 Vasopressin injection argipressin
06.05.02 Vasopressin injection argipressin
06.06.02 restricted  Zoledronic acid injection 4mg licensed use
06.06.02 restricted  Zoledronic acid injection 4mg Improved outcomes in early stage post-menopausal breast cancer - off-label
06.06.02 restricted  Zoledronic acid injection 5mg 
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