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 Formulary Chapter 14: Immunological products and vaccines - Full Section

Refer to the Public Health England "Green Book" of immunisation from infectious disease guide for specific advice

Note: for individuals with bleeding disorders ensure any off-label subcutaneous administration is covered by the
"Green Book" of immunisation against infectious disease guide

Where a formulary entry does not detail a medicine’s indications for use, the medicine can be assumed to be approved for all licensed indications.

Formulary approved "off-label" use is detailed separately.

14.01 Active immunity
14.02 Passive immunity
14.03 Storage and use
14.04 Vaccines and antisera
BCG vaccines
Diphtheria vaccines
Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine
Hepatitis A vaccine
Hepatitis B vaccine
Influenza vaccine
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine
Meningococcal vaccines
Pertussis vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccines
Poliomyelitis vaccines
Rabies vaccine
Tetanus vaccines
Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine
Typhoid vaccines
Varicella-zoster vaccine
Yellow fever vaccine
14.05 Immunoglobulins
14.05.01 Normal immunoglobulin
14.05.02 Disease-specific immunoglobulins
14.05.03 Anti-D (Rho) immunoglobulin
14.06 International travel