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Showing drugs - S
Sacubitril and valsartan tabs
Salactol paint
Salatac gel
Salbutamol aerosol inhaler, easyhaler, nebules, injection, m/r tablets, oral solution
Salbutamol injection
Salicylic acid 2% w/w and sulphur 2% w/w in aqueous cream
Salicylic acid 5% w/w / propylene glycol 47.5% w/w in Dermovatecream
Salicylic acid in emulsifying ointment 1%, 3%, 30%, 50%, 70%
Salicylic acid in emulsifying ointment 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%
Salicylic acid in WSP 5%
Sandocal 1000 effervescent tabs
Sapropterin tabs
Saquinavir caps, tabs
Sarilumab pre-filled pen or syringe
Scandishake Mix
Secretin ampoules
Secukinumab injection
Seebri Breezhaler dry powder inhaler
Selegiline hydrochloride tabs, liquid
Selenium oral solution
Selenium sulphide shampoo 2.5%
Selsun shampoo
Senna granules
Senna tabs, syrup
Sermorelin injection
Sertraline tabs
Sevelamer carbonate tabs, sachets
Sevoflurane volatile liquid
Sildenafil tabs
Sildenafil tabs - generic
Silicone gel products
Silicone sheet dressings
Silver nitrate caustic pencil
Silver sulfadiazine cream 1%
Simeprevir caps
Similac Alimentum
Simple eye ointment
Simple Linctus - sugar free, BP
Simvastatin tabs
Sirolimus tabs, oral solution
Sitagliptin tabs
SLO Drinks
Sodium benzoate tabs, injection
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate 1.26% intravenous infusion
Sodium Bicarbonate 1.4% intravenous infusion
Sodium Bicarbonate 2.74% intravenous infusion
Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% intravenous infusion
Sodium bicarbonate capsules
Sodium bicarbonate ear drops 5%
Sodium bicarbonate tabs, caps
Sodium calcium edetate
Sodium Chloride 0.18% and glucose 4% Intravenous infusion
Sodium Chloride 0.45% and glucose 5% Intravenous infusion
Sodium Chloride 0.45% intravenous infusion
Sodium chloride 0.9%
Sodium Chloride 0.9% intravenous infusion
Sodium chloride 0.9% sachets
Sodium Chloride 1.8% intravenous infusion
Sodium chloride 5% preservative free eye drops
Sodium chloride eye drops 0.9%
Sodium chloride eye ointment 5%
Sodium chloride mouthwash 0.9%
Sodium chloride mouthwash, compound BP
Sodium Chloride MR tabs
Sodium chloride nebuliser solution 3% and 7%
Sodium chloride nose drops 0.9%
Sodium chloride solution sachets 0.9%
Sodium chloride sterile solution 0.9%
Sodium citrate enema
Sodium citrate eye drops 10.11%
Sodium clodronate caps, tabs
Sodium cromoglicate 4% nasal spray
Sodium cromoglicate aerosol inhaler
Sodium cromoglicate caps
Sodium cromoglicate eye drops 2%
Sodium Feredetate elixir 190 mg/5 mL
Sodium fluoride tablets
Sodium fluoride toothpaste 0.619%
Sodium fluoride toothpaste 1.1%
Sodium fusidate tabs
Sodium hyaluronate & chondroitin bladder instillation
Sodium hyaluronate bladder instillation
Sodium hyaluronate eye drops 0.1%
Sodium lactate intravenous infusion compound
Sodium nitrite
Sodium nitroprusside injection
Sodium oxybate oral solution
Sodium phenybutyrate tabs, injection
Sodium phosphate enema (Cleen Ready-to-use enema only)
Sodium picosulfate oral solution
Sodium stibogluconate injection
Sodium tetradecyl sulphate injection
Sodium thiosulfate injection 25%
Sodium thiosulphate
Sodium valproate m/r tabs
Sodium valproate tabs
Sodium Valproate tabs, m/r tabs, oral solution, injection
Sofosbuvir tabs
Sofradex drops
Sofradex eye drops
Soldium aurothomalate imjection
Solifenacin and Tamsulosin MR tabs
Solifenacin tabs
Soluble insulin - human
Soluble insulin - human sequence
Solution G
Somatropin injection
Sorafenib tablets
Sorbsan Flat
Sorbsan Packing 2g
Sorbsan Plus
Sorbsan Plus SA
Sorbsan probe
Sorbsan Ribbon
Sotalol tabs
Spectinomycin 2g injection
Spiramycin tablets
Spiriva Handihaler dry powder inhaler
Spiriva Respimat aerosol inhaler
Spironolactone oral suspension
Spironolactone tabs
Sprilon spray
Standard range peak flow meter
Stavudine caps, oral solution
Steripaste 7.5 x 6m
Ster-Zac Bath Concentrate solution
Streptokinase injection
Streptomycin injection
Streptozocin injection
Stribild tabs
Strontium ranelate granules
Sucralfate tabs, suspension
Sucroferric oxyhydroxide
Sudocrem cream
Sugammadex injection
Sulfacetamide in IMS lotion 15%
Sulfadiazine tabs
Sulfapyridine caps
Sulfasalazine e/c tablets
Sulfasalazine tabs, oral suspension
Sulfinpyrazone tabs
Sulindac tabs
Sulphacetamide 15% in 50% methylated spirit
Sulpiride tabs, oral solution
Sumatriptan tabs, injection
Sunitinib caps
Sunsense Ultra
Suprasorb A + AG
Surgiflo haemostatic matrix kit
Survimed OPD
Suxamethonium chloride injection
Synalar gel mix