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Showing drugs - R
Rabies immunoglobulin
Rabies vaccine
Raloxifene tabs
Raltegravir tabs
Ramipril tabs, caps
Ranibizumab intravitreal injection
Ranitidine tabs
Ranitidine tabs, injection
Ranolazine m/r tabs
Rasagiline tabs
Rasburicase injection
Reboxetine tabs
ReCell Spray on Skin system
Recombinant C1 esterase inhibitor injection
Reflective (Dundee) sunscreens - coffee, coral, pink, beige
Regorafenib tabs
Relvar Ellipta 184/22 micrograms dry powder inhlaer
Relvar Ellipta 92/22 micrograms dry powder inhlaer
Remdesivir injection
Remifentanil injection
Remifentanil PCA
Renavit tablets
Renilon 7.5
Repaglinide tabs
Reslizumab injection
Resource 2.0
Resource Dessert Energy
Resource Dessert Fruit
Resource Energy
Resource Fruit
Resource Optifibre
Resource Protein
Resource Thickened Drink
Resource ThickenUp Clear
Resource ThickenUp
Ribavirin caps, tabs
Ribociclib tabs
Riboflavin ophthalmic topical solution
Riboflavin tablets
Rifabutin caps
Rifampicin caps
Rifampicin caps, syrup
Rifampicin injection
Rifater tabs
Rifaximin tabs
Rifinah 150/100 tabs
Rifinah 300/150 tabs
Rilpivirine tabs
Riluzole tabs
Ringer's Solution for Injection
Risankizumab injection
Risedronate tabs
Risedronate, calcium carbonate and colecalciferol tabs
Risperidone depot injection
Risperidone tabs, liquid, orodispersible tabs
Ritonavir caps, oral solution
Rituximab injection
Rituximab subcutaneous injection
Rituxmab injection
Rivaroxaban tabs
Rivastigmine caps, oral solution, patches
Rizatriptan wafers
Rocuronium bromide injectiom
Roflumilast tablets
Romiplostim injection
Ropinirole tabs
Ropinirole tabs, m/r tabs
Ropivacaine injection
Rose Bengal eye drops 1%
Rosuvastatin tabs
Rotigotine patch
Rotigotine patches
Rubefacients (excluding NSAIDs)
Rucaparib tabs
Ruxolitinib tabs