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Showing drugs - O
Oakmed Option Wound Manager
Obeticholic acid tabs
Obinutuzumab injection
Occlusal application
Ocrelizumab injection
Ocriplasmin intravitreal injection
Octenidine nasal gel
Octenilin Wound Gel
Octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution
Octenisan lotion
Octreotide injection
Octreotide injection, depot injection
Odefsey tabs
Ofatumumab injection
Ofloxacin ophthalmic solution 0.3%
Ofloxacin opthalmic solution 0.3%
Ofloxacin tabs
Oilatum gel
Oilatum plus (anti-bacterial)
Oily phenol injection BP
Olanzapine tabs, orodispersible tabs
Olaparib caps, tabs
Olaratumab injection
Olive oil
Olive Oil ear drops
Olopatadine eye drops 0.1%
OM1 antimicrobial soution
Omalizumab injection
Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters capsules
Omega-3-Marine Triglycerides capsules
Omeprazole caps
Omeprazole dispersible tabs
Omeprazole injection
Ondansetron tabs, injection
Opicapone caps
Orabase protective paste
Orabase protective paste
Orahesive powder
Oral Impact
Oral Rehydration Salts
Orlistat caps
Orphenadrine tabs
Oseltamivir caps, oral suspension
Osimertinib tabs
Osmolite 1.5 kcal
Osmolite Plus
Otrivine-Antistin eye drops
Oxaliplatin injection
Oxcarbazepine tabs
Oxerutins caps
Oxetacaine and antacid suspension
Oxprenolol tabs
Oxybuprocaine 0.4% preservative-free eye drops
Oxybutynin tabs
Oxybutynin tabs, m/r tabs, elixir
Oxybutynin transdermal patch
Oxycodone caps, m/r tabs, liquid, injection
Oxycodone injection
Oxycodone/naloxone SR tabs
Oxysept 1 Step solution
Oxytetracycline tabs
Oxytocin injection