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Showing drugs - L
Labetalol tabs, injection
Lacidipine tabs
Lacosamide tabs, syrup, injection
Lactic acid in Diprobase cream 10%
Lactulose oral solution
Lamivudine tabs, oral solution
Lamotrigine tabs, disp tabs
Lanreotide injection
Lansoprazole caps
Lansoprazole dispersible tabs
Lanthanum carbonate tablets
L-Arginine tabs, injection
Latanoprost 0.05mg with timolol 5mg/mL eye drops
Latanoprost eye drops 0.05mgs/mL
L-carnitine oral solution, chewable tabs, tabs, injection
L-citrulline oral powder
Ledermix dental paste
Leflunomide tabs
Lenalidomide caps
Lenograstim injection
Lenvatinib caps
Lenvatinib injection
Letrozole tabs
Leucine Amino Acid Supplement
Leukoplast Sleek
Leuprorelin acetate prolonged release injection
Leuprorelin acetate pro-longed release injection
Levetiracetam injection
Levetiracetam tabs, oral soution, injection
Levobunolol eye drops 0.5%
Levobupivacaine hydrochloride injection
Levofloxacin eye drops 0.5%
Levofloxacin injection
Levofloxacin nebuliser solution
Levofloxacin tabs
Levomenthol in aqueous cream 1%, 2%
Levomepromazine injection
Levomepromazine tabs, injection
Levonorgestrel intrauterine system 13.5mg
Levonorgestrel intrauterine system 19.5mg
Levonorgestrel intrauterine system 52 mg
Levonorgestrel tabs
Levosimendan infusion
Levothyroxine tabs, oral solution
Lidocaine 2% in Lutrol 24% gel
Lidocaine 4% & Fluorescein 0.25% preservative-free eye drops
Lidocaine 5% medicated plasters (containing 700mg lidocaine)
Lidocaine 5% ointment
Lidocaine 5% with phenylephrine 0.5% nasal spray
Lidocaine gel 2%
Lidocaine gel 2%, ointment 5%
Lidocaine infusion
Lidocaine injection
Lidocaine injection 1% and 2%
Lidocaine injection 1%, 2%
Lidocaine injection 2%
Lidocaine spray 10%
Lidocaine topical solution 4%
Lidocaine with adrenaline injection
Linaclotide capsules
Linagliptin tabs
Linezolid tabs, suspension, injection
Liothyronine tabs, injection
Liquid and White Soft Paraffin Ointment (50:50)
Liquid paraffin (sterile)
Liquid paraffin and magnesium hydroxide emulsion 25%/6%
Liquid paraffin eye ointment
Liraglutide injection
Lisdexamfetamine caps
Lisinopril tabs
Lithium carbonate m/r tabs
Lithium citrate liquid
Lixisenatide injection
Locorten-Vioform ear drops
Lodoxamide eye drops 0.1%
Lofepramine tabs, oral suspension
Lofexidine tabs
Lomustine caps
Loperamide caps, tabs, syrup
Loprazolam tabs
Loprofin PKU Drink
Loratadine tabs, oral solution
Lorazepam injection
Lorazepam tabs
Lorazepam tabs, injection
Losartan tabs
Loteprednol eye drops 0.5%
Low protein / phenylalanine free foods
Low protein drink
Low range peak flow meter
LPL 63.4%
Lubiprostone capsules
Luetin antioxidants
Lurasidone tabs
Lutetium (177Lu) oxodotreotide injection
Lymecycline caps
Lyofoam T SSL