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Showing drugs - I
Ibandronic acid injection
Ibandronic acid tabs
Ibrutinib caps
Ibuprofen tabs, suspension
Ibuprofen 5 % gel
Ibuprofen tabs
Ibuprofen tabs, suspension
Icatibant injection
Ichthammol 1% w/w and zinc oxide 15% w/w in YSP
Idarubicin hydrochloride caps, injection
Idelalisib tabs
Ifosfamide injection
Il Pane di Anna
Iloprost injection
Ilube eye drops
Imatinib tabs
Imipenem with cilastatin injection
Imipramine tabs
Imiquimod 3.75% cream
Imiquimod 5% cream
Imiquimod cream 5%
imuDERM Bio Functional Garments
Incruse Ellipta dry powder inhaler
Indapamide tabs, MR tabs
Indocyanine green (ICG) dye
Indometacin caps, m/r caps, suppositories
Indometacin injection
Indoramin tabs
Industrial Methylated Spirit BP
Infacol oral suspension
Infatrini Peptisorb
Infliximab injection
Influenza vaccine
Ingenol mebutate 150 micrograms/g, 500 micrograms/g
Inositol Nicotinate
Inotuzumab ozogamicin injection
Insight Tracheostomy Dressing
Instillagel gel
Insulin 500 units in 1mL
Insulin Aspart
Insulin Degludec
Insulin Detemir
Insulin Glargine 100 units/ml
Insulin Glargine 300 units/ml
Insulin Lispro 100 units/ml
Interferon alfa-2a injection
Interferon alfa-2b injection
Interferon alpha
Interferon beta-1a injection
Interferon beta-1b injection
Intrinsic factor caps
Iodoform compound paint
Ipilimumab injection
Ipratropium 21 micrograms nasal spray
Ipratropium aerosol inhaler, nebuliser solution
Ipratropium with salbutamol nebules
Irbesartan and hydrochlorthiazide tabs
Irbesartan tabs
Irinotecan Hydrochloride injection
Iron Isomaltoside injection
Iron Sucrose injection
Isavuconazole tabs, injection
Isoflurane volatile liquid
Isoleucine Amino Acid Supplement
Isomol gel
Isoniazid tabs, injection
Isophane Insulin - highly purified animal
Isophane Insulin - human sequence
Isoprenaline injection
Isosorbide dinitrate tabs, injection
Isosorbide mononitrate tabs, m/r tabs
Isosource Energy
Isosource Energy Fibre
Isosource Fibre
Isosource Standard
Isotretinoin 0.05% with erythromycin 2% gel
Isotretinoin caps
Isotretinoin gel 0.05%
Ispaghula husk granules
Itraconazole caps, oral liquid, injection
IVA Anamix Infant
Ivabradine tabs
Ivermectin 1% cream
Ivermectin tabs
Ixazomib caps
Ixekizumab injection